Tokenmancy is all about getting quality, flavorful, and affordable tokens to the Magic: the Gathering community. It started out with me just making little tokens for myself and my friends, and I’ve been working on spreading them to other playgroups, taking requests and posting print sheets of the tokens.

All of the tokens I sell here are 2.5“x3.5” (the same size as actual cards) and are printed on 270gsm card stock (the best kind of stock) in full color, with special Tokenmancy backs. My goal is to keep tokens affordable, so any player can pick them up and play with them.

Oh, and my name is Greg Rava, and I’m a graphic designer from West Haven, Connecticut. I’ve been playing Magic since the Kamigawa block, back when I was just 14. I’ve never played on a competitive level, I’m more of a Johnny/Vorthos. I’d love to talk MtG lore or crazy combos, so if you wanna chat, just reach out!

Needless to say, Magic: The Gathering is a copyright of Wizards of the Coast,and I don’t claim to own rights to any of the characters, cards, or such.