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This Week in Tokenmancy (10/4)

I’m alive! I promise! Life has just been busy for me (in good ways), but now I’m realizing I did like one thing all last week (that I’m ready to show, at least – teasers!) and that’s not really keeping up with my goals, which was the whole point of me writing out the This Week in Tokenmancy stuff in the first place. So yeah.

I’m going to keep it short this week. I’m working on some commissions and a new print run; those kind of take precedence right now. I also have some tokens that I want to use that I’d like to finish up (a centaur and 5/5 wurm – I have a Selesnya deck that is jealous of all the tokens I make…). I’ll try to have something new up tomorrow for y’all.

Until then, Happy Token-making!

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This Week In Tokenmancy (9/20)

Let’s start with this picture:

My Inventory!

That’s what my floor looks like now! I’m working to organize and inventory everything, but it’s the most stock I’ve ever had, and I need y’all to help me get rid of it.

Last Week in Tokenmancy

The two big things for Tokenmancy last week were the Wave Elementals becoming available in the store and the free print pdfs for the Ulamog scion and eldrazi going up (it got a little overshadowed by BFZ previews, but it’s there!). I also finished the art for the new Omnath elemental, which flew under the radar a few nights ago (it’ll get in the store after I have inventory of it).

This Week in Tokenmancy

This week, I really want to finish out the tokens of Battle for Zendikar in time for the Pre-Release. I’m actually pretty close, here’s what I have left:

  • 1/1 Kor Ally (sketched, kind of)
  • 8/8 Octopus
  • 1/1 Plant
  • 5/5 Dragon (sketched)
  • 3/1 Elemental

I’m not going to worry about the emblems for the prerelease; but I will get them done ASAP! And I also have a whole lists of requests and commissions to work on; it’s gonna be busy!

Otherwise, it’s going to be a normal week for Tokenmancy. Starting Monday, all available tokens will go on sale to celebrate the fact that I have an awesome amount of stock right now. I have two new tokens for the store coming as well, and the aforementioned prerelease print sheet sometime this week before Friday.

That’s all I’ve got for this update, so until next time, Happy Tokenmaking!


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This Week In Tokenmancy (9/13)

It’s time for another exciting, gut-wrenching, heart-racing installment of This Week In Tokenmancy!

Last Week In Tokenmancy

Just to sum up what happened last week, the answer is… not much! The Ghave Saproling and Atarka Dragon were added to the store… and that’s about it. After last Sunday (when I cranked out 4 more drawings – I’ll post them after I clean them up and have them printed) I took a bit of a week off to rest, to be honest. I did finish the Eldrazi Scion and get that to print, I’ll post it on the store after I have them in hand!

Eldrazi ScionYeah, it’s really different than the sketch I had originally…

Next Week In Tokenmancy

For this coming week, I plan to resume normal programming. Keep your eyes open on social media (my facebook, twitter, and tumblr, as well as the carrier pigeon network I run) for Monday’s Weekly Special, as well as on Tuesday and Thursday for new tokens. My free token print sheet for Wednesday is still undecided; if I can finish out the Eldrazi titan, I’ll do that.

As for work, I have a handful of suggestions and requests to work through, and I do want to have the tokens for BFZ finished in time for the pre-release, that way I can release a print sheet. So far that’s:

  • Eldrazi Scion (1/1) – done!
  • Eldrazi (10/10) – using the other Eldrazi drawing I did, with modifications
  • Knight Ally (2/2) – sketched
  • Kor Ally (1/1)
  • Plant (0/1)
  • Octopus (8/8)
  • Omnath Elemental (5/5)
  • Some kind of Awaken counter

So I have my work cut out for me :P It’ll be fun, though!

So until next time, Happy Tokenmaking!


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This Week in Tokenmancy (9/6)

So first off, Reddit is something else! I posted my Origins walker emblems and thopter emblems there, and the views were crazy! Another friendly redditor gave me some good tips about where to post, so I’m hoping to keep the good stuff going.

Anyway, here’s

This Week in Tokenmancy!

What I’m Working On

I’m working on Eldrazi Scion tokens! These guys have been giving me a serious headache, what with all their maddening non-euclidean shapes going on, but I think I have it. I was a little torn; they have a lot of new scion artwork, and I was a little worried that my drawing was too much like a fully grown eldrazi, as opposed to the maggot or ant-like new scions. I may end up doing a second drawing once I have a better idea of what scions are (as opposed to spawn), but the drawing came along so well that I was loathe to not use it.

Eldrazi - Sketch

The plan is to get these guys to print ASAP and have them available before the set releases! I also plan on getting the PDF print sheet up fairly soon, too!

Suggest Tokens

I’ve added a token suggestion form to my site; if you want to suggest a token for me to work on, just make your way over there and drop me a line. I keep a list, and when I’m not working on commissions, I try to do as many of the suggestions as possible :)

Otherwise, I’m hopefully keeping on track: new tokens posted on my site on Tuesday and Thursday, and a new PDF print sheet on Wednesday. Have an awesome week, play tons of Magic, and make a bunch of tokens!

Happy Token Making!

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This Week In Tokenmancy (8/30)

So what’s going down this week in Tokenmancy (aside from me posting this a day late and totally lying about it in the post title and then retro-dating it so that it looks like I was on time, but then screwing it up by entering this in here, and then cursing my computer for not having a delete key – but it totally does and I just wanted to make a joke. Shutting up now)?

What I’m Working On

First off, have you seen the previews for Battle for Zendikar!?! If you haven’t, go check them out! We’re getting premium fetches and shocks! Sure, it’s like a 1/80 chance, but I’m super excited! And we’ve seen a couple new token makers: Gideon with his 2/2 Knight Allys and the new 1/1 Eldrazi Scions. I’m a little pissed that they’re not bringing back the spawn, since I’ve been working on one spawn for each titan, but I’ll still get those out.

Anywho, I’m working on some commissions right now, and I have some sketches for the new tokens started. I’m getting tokens in the mail from the printer (finally) so I’m finishing up some orders and will be able to post some really neat new tokens up this week!

So until then, Happy Token-making!

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This Week In Tokenmancy (8/23)

Things are finally settling down for me in life, and I think it’s time to kick Tokenmancy into gear. Which means that I’m gonna be making some changes to the site. It’s all good news, I promise; at the end of the day, it should mean more content created for y’all and hopefully more tokens going out. It just means me nailing down some logistics and working on getting a little more exposure.

tell your friends! tell your neighbors! tell your neighbor's friends!
tell your friends! tell your neighbors! tell your neighbor’s friends!

The biggest part of this is that I’m working on an actual posting schedule, so it’s all a little less hap-hazardish. The basic goal is to have something new going up almost every day of the week (not necessarily tokens, but still) on either this site or my tumblr. The schedule looks something like this:

Tokenmancy Posting Schedule

Sunday This Week In Tokenmancy
Monday Weekly Special
Tuesday New Token
Wednesday New PDF Print Sheet
Thursday New Token
Friday FNM
Saturday Open Requests

I don’t know, I give it like two weeks before I break and things go back to how they are now,  but in case it is a thing, here’s what each of those mean:

This Week in Tokenmancy

This week in Tokenmancy will be a simple weekly update (probably a little less wordy than this) that just talks about what projects I’m working on and what’ll be coming up in the week.

Weekly Special

This is a new thing I want to start doing: offering a different token or a bundle of tokens for a discount each week.


New Token

It’s a new token for the site. Kinda what I do here, welcome to Tokenmancy.

New PDF Print Sheet

A new free PDF print sheet of tokens. I’m gonna try to put them in a sheet of a group of relevant tokens, rather than just 9 of the same one over and over again.


This one is kinda tricky. Friday nights I usually go to play modern. If I have some time, I’ll post my deck list, or maybe my standings, but no guarantees on this one.

Open Requests

Saturdays are usually when I catch up on chores, hang out and play board games and magic with friends, and spend time with my girlfriend. But, I’ll take requests for tokens when I have time :)

Sooooo, what’s coming up this week in Tokenmancy?

Since I already talked a lot, I’ll try to keep this nice and short.

My big push this week is to finish up the rest of the Origins ‘walker tokens/emblems/overlays and get that up as a free print sheet. I’m kinda late on that one, but… soon… yeah…


Also, I have a new token for standard that I’ve been asked a lot for (and one whose type I really haven’t really done yet), as well as a collaboration token with an awesome youtuber that’s been in the works for a while.

(I mean, if you look at my site you can probably guess who)

Aside from that, I’m just gonna try to catch up on all my requests and commissions (y’all know who you are)

So until then, Happy Token-making!