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This Week in Tokenmancy (10/4)

I’m alive! I promise! Life has just been busy for me (in good ways), but now I’m realizing I did like one thing all last week (that I’m ready to show, at least – teasers!) and that’s not really keeping up with my goals, which was the whole point of me writing out the This Week in Tokenmancy stuff in the first place. So yeah.

I’m going to keep it short this week. I’m working on some commissions and a new print run; those kind of take precedence right now. I also have some tokens that I want to use that I’d like to finish up (a centaur and 5/5 wurm – I have a Selesnya deck that is jealous of all the tokens I make…). I’ll try to have something new up tomorrow for y’all.

Until then, Happy Token-making!

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