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This Week In Tokenmancy (8/23)

Things are finally settling down for me in life, and I think it’s time to kick Tokenmancy into gear. Which means that I’m gonna be making some changes to the site. It’s all good news, I promise; at the end of the day, it should mean more content created for y’all and hopefully more tokens going out. It just means me nailing down some logistics and working on getting a little more exposure.

tell your friends! tell your neighbors! tell your neighbor's friends!
tell your friends! tell your neighbors! tell your neighbor’s friends!

The biggest part of this is that I’m working on an actual posting schedule, so it’s all a little less hap-hazardish. The basic goal is to have something new going up almost every day of the week (not necessarily tokens, but still) on either this site or my tumblr. The schedule looks something like this:

Tokenmancy Posting Schedule

Sunday This Week In Tokenmancy
Monday Weekly Special
Tuesday New Token
Wednesday New PDF Print Sheet
Thursday New Token
Friday FNM
Saturday Open Requests

I don’t know, I give it like two weeks before I break and things go back to how they are now,  but in case it is a thing, here’s what each of those mean:

This Week in Tokenmancy

This week in Tokenmancy will be a simple weekly update (probably a little less wordy than this) that just talks about what projects I’m working on and what’ll be coming up in the week.

Weekly Special

This is a new thing I want to start doing: offering a different token or a bundle of tokens for a discount each week.


New Token

It’s a new token for the site. Kinda what I do here, welcome to Tokenmancy.

New PDF Print Sheet

A new free PDF print sheet of tokens. I’m gonna try to put them in a sheet of a group of relevant tokens, rather than just 9 of the same one over and over again.


This one is kinda tricky. Friday nights I usually go to play modern. If I have some time, I’ll post my deck list, or maybe my standings, but no guarantees on this one.

Open Requests

Saturdays are usually when I catch up on chores, hang out and play board games and magic with friends, and spend time with my girlfriend. But, I’ll take requests for tokens when I have time :)

Sooooo, what’s coming up this week in Tokenmancy?

Since I already talked a lot, I’ll try to keep this nice and short.

My big push this week is to finish up the rest of the Origins ‘walker tokens/emblems/overlays and get that up as a free print sheet. I’m kinda late on that one, but… soon… yeah…


Also, I have a new token for standard that I’ve been asked a lot for (and one whose type I really haven’t really done yet), as well as a collaboration token with an awesome youtuber that’s been in the works for a while.

(I mean, if you look at my site you can probably guess who)

Aside from that, I’m just gonna try to catch up on all my requests and commissions (y’all know who you are)

So until then, Happy Token-making!

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