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This Week In Tokenmancy (8/30)

So what’s going down this week in Tokenmancy (aside from me posting this a day late and totally lying about it in the post title and then retro-dating it so that it looks like I was on time, but then screwing it up by entering this in here, and then cursing my computer for not having a delete key – but it totally does and I just wanted to make a joke. Shutting up now)?

What I’m Working On

First off, have you seen the previews for Battle for Zendikar!?! If you haven’t, go check them out! We’re getting premium fetches and shocks! Sure, it’s like a 1/80 chance, but I’m super excited! And we’ve seen a couple new token makers: Gideon with his 2/2 Knight Allys and the new 1/1 Eldrazi Scions. I’m a little pissed that they’re not bringing back the spawn, since I’ve been working on one spawn for each titan, but I’ll still get those out.

Anywho, I’m working on some commissions right now, and I have some sketches for the new tokens started. I’m getting tokens in the mail from the printer (finally) so I’m finishing up some orders and will be able to post some really neat new tokens up this week!

So until then, Happy Token-making!

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