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This Week In Tokenmancy (9/13)

It’s time for another exciting, gut-wrenching, heart-racing installment of This Week In Tokenmancy!

Last Week In Tokenmancy

Just to sum up what happened last week, the answer is… not much! The Ghave Saproling and Atarka Dragon were added to the store… and that’s about it. After last Sunday (when I cranked out 4 more drawings – I’ll post them after I clean them up and have them printed) I took a bit of a week off to rest, to be honest. I did finish the Eldrazi Scion and get that to print, I’ll post it on the store after I have them in hand!

Eldrazi ScionYeah, it’s really different than the sketch I had originally…

Next Week In Tokenmancy

For this coming week, I plan to resume normal programming. Keep your eyes open on social media (my facebook, twitter, and tumblr, as well as the carrier pigeon network I run) for Monday’s Weekly Special, as well as on Tuesday and Thursday for new tokens. My free token print sheet for Wednesday is still undecided; if I can finish out the Eldrazi titan, I’ll do that.

As for work, I have a handful of suggestions and requests to work through, and I do want to have the tokens for BFZ finished in time for the pre-release, that way I can release a print sheet. So far that’s:

  • Eldrazi Scion (1/1) – done!
  • Eldrazi (10/10) – using the other Eldrazi drawing I did, with modifications
  • Knight Ally (2/2) – sketched
  • Kor Ally (1/1)
  • Plant (0/1)
  • Octopus (8/8)
  • Omnath Elemental (5/5)
  • Some kind of Awaken counter

So I have my work cut out for me :P It’ll be fun, though!

So until next time, Happy Tokenmaking!


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