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This Week In Tokenmancy (9/20)

Let’s start with this picture:

My Inventory!

That’s what my floor looks like now! I’m working to organize and inventory everything, but it’s the most stock I’ve ever had, and I need y’all to help me get rid of it.

Last Week in Tokenmancy

The two big things for Tokenmancy last week were the Wave Elementals becoming available in the store and the free print pdfs for the Ulamog scion and eldrazi going up (it got a little overshadowed by BFZ previews, but it’s there!). I also finished the art for the new Omnath elemental, which flew under the radar a few nights ago (it’ll get in the store after I have inventory of it).

This Week in Tokenmancy

This week, I really want to finish out the tokens of Battle for Zendikar in time for the Pre-Release. I’m actually pretty close, here’s what I have left:

  • 1/1 Kor Ally (sketched, kind of)
  • 8/8 Octopus
  • 1/1 Plant
  • 5/5 Dragon (sketched)
  • 3/1 Elemental

I’m not going to worry about the emblems for the prerelease; but I will get them done ASAP! And I also have a whole lists of requests and commissions to work on; it’s gonna be busy!

Otherwise, it’s going to be a normal week for Tokenmancy. Starting Monday, all available tokens will go on sale to celebrate the fact that I have an awesome amount of stock right now. I have two new tokens for the store coming as well, and the aforementioned prerelease print sheet sometime this week before Friday.

That’s all I’ve got for this update, so until next time, Happy Tokenmaking!


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