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This Week in Tokenmancy (9/6)

So first off, Reddit is something else! I posted my Origins walker emblems and thopter emblems there, and the views were crazy! Another friendly redditor gave me some good tips about where to post, so I’m hoping to keep the good stuff going.

Anyway, here’s

This Week in Tokenmancy!

What I’m Working On

I’m working on Eldrazi Scion tokens! These guys have been giving me a serious headache, what with all their maddening non-euclidean shapes going on, but I think I have it. I was a little torn; they have a lot of new scion artwork, and I was a little worried that my drawing was too much like a fully grown eldrazi, as opposed to the maggot or ant-like new scions. I may end up doing a second drawing once I have a better idea of what scions are (as opposed to spawn), but the drawing came along so well that I was loathe to not use it.

Eldrazi - Sketch

The plan is to get these guys to print ASAP and have them available before the set releases! I also plan on getting the PDF print sheet up fairly soon, too!

Suggest Tokens

I’ve added a token suggestion form to my site; if you want to suggest a token for me to work on, just make your way over there and drop me a line. I keep a list, and when I’m not working on commissions, I try to do as many of the suggestions as possible :)

Otherwise, I’m hopefully keeping on track: new tokens posted on my site on Tuesday and Thursday, and a new PDF print sheet on Wednesday. Have an awesome week, play tons of Magic, and make a bunch of tokens!

Happy Token Making!

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